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Krishna Incarnation

Lord Shri Krishna took birth nearly 5000 years ago which was transcendental change for earth.  He assumed the human form and was born on this earth to explain how to live life in sorrows, sufferings and happiness. He contains all the characteristics of such supreme making personality. As he is complete in every aspect, he is known as 'Purna Purushotam.


Yadavas belong to Yadukul. there were two groups of Yadavas, who had republic form of government. The Andhank group was ruling in the area around Mathura. Ugrasen (grand father of Shree Krishna) was the president of the republic. The word 'king' was used with reference to Ugrasen, though Andhank was a republican form of Government

In the same manner the other republic of the Yadavas was Vrushini republic. Lord Shri Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudevajee. Both republics had a great deal to fear from aggressive imperialism of King Jarasangha, whose power was spreading very fast. Jarasangha, in order to create a division between the Yadavas, gave his two daughters Asti and Prapti in marriage to Kansa.

Kansa became ambitious and craved for power and wanted to defeat the other Yadavs although everything was going as per Jarasangha’s intelligent as he also want destruction if Yadavas too.

Kansa arrested Ugrasen, his father and took over the reigns of power in his hand. Kansa used to threaten repeatedly the powerful section of the people saying,' If you do not fall in line with me, I will invite aggression by my father-in- law Jarasangha. Thus Kansa imposed himself as a king.

But Lord Krishna did his lila and get birth in Mathura and killed Kansa lately. 

He also shifted all his sleeping relatives and natives of Pur to Dwarika by the power of Yoga.

After the famous war of Mahabharat, he advised Udhava about Self-knowledge. During his last days, Krishna arranged for a mass destruction of all wicked Yadavas of Yaduvansha. Then, Maha Yogi Shri Krishna left his body for Vaikunth.